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Formulate Review

by - November 30, 2018

Hey there, beautiful, long time no see! (: It's been a minute since I've wrote a blog, but I just had to come and tell you about my experience with the amazing company, Formulate! So, what is Formulate? It's a hair care company that specially designs a shampoo and conditioner JUST for you! The very first thing this company wants you to do is take a "hair quiz", so they can learn all about your hair and help ensure that they will get the right formula for you. The quiz questions include your hair type, the environment of the place you live, what YOU want to get out of a shampoo and conditioner, plus so much more! 

They also only use the best ingredients in your formulas! They are completely preservative free, sulfate free, paragon free, and my personal favorite: cruelty free!! They also use less water to maximize the ingredients you get from your products. 


I also want to RAVE about their outstanding customer service, because making the right formula may take more than one try! I had to get my shampoo reformulated after my first bottle came, and my conditioner two other times. But the Formulate team makes the reformulating process hassle free, and it is free to reformulate your products! They just want to get you the best shampoo and conditioner they possibly can. My representative was Sam and he was fantastic! I explained to him my issues and he explained A. Why I was having the issues and then B. Told me what they could do to fix it! He was so polite and has been wonderful to work with from the very beginning.

A major result that  I've seen since using Formulate is that my hair has grownnnnnn! I've only been using my custom products for about a month and a half, and I've noticed my hair has grown at least an inch! It is amazing! My hair usually grows at the slowest rate, so the fact that my shampoo and conditioner have caused so much hair growth in just a month is amazing! 

Another perk is that I have noticed that my hair hold "shape" so much better! I don't straighten or curl my hair very often, but I always felt like my curls fell out or my hair got wave back in it by the end of the day. I've curled and straightened my hair two times each since using Formulate and both of my hair styles have last at minimum 48 hours! The curls pictured above are second day curls with only minor touch ups! So if you struggle with your hairstyles lasting then take your 
Formulate hair quiz today! (:

Lastly, and probably my most favorite thing about Formulate is that my natural wavy/curly hair has been so much more defined! I use to have to braid my hair to make sure my waves were defined and looked half way decent, but ever since I started using Formulate, I haven't had to braid my hair at all! When you look at my Instagram, I usually leave my hair natural for all of my photos! So, check them out if you wanna see proof!

Overall, I have loved my Formulate products and experience! So, if you're over the overwhelming options of hair care, and want something more custom for you and your hair,  then you MUST check them out! I loved my products so much that I am partnering with them to give one of you lovelies your very own FREE custom shampoo and conditioner!! Say what?! I know! How exciting! 
I LOVE that I get the privilege to do this for you, guys! I know if you try them you'll love them and see why I'm alllllll about them!
 Go to https://www.formulate.co/u/laceandfaith to enter and follow the steps on there!
 US Residents only! And you all get a $5 discount off your purchase just for entering! Giveaway ends December 22nd! 
Well that's it babe! Good luck to everyone! I love hearing from you guys, so be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts, or what you'd like to see me write about next! 
So, until next time, stay beautiful, darlings!


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