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Mother's Day Gift Guide

by - May 04, 2018

Hi, lovelies! With Mother's Day a little less than two week away, I wanted to take a minute and write an appreciation/ gift guide for this special holiday! The women who have done the most for you in life deserve more that just flowers and brunch! Below I've listed some great and unique gifts that are all budget friendly (under $60)! So, there is a gift for every mom is this roundup, and they are all gifts she is sure to love. I would love to hear about how special your mom is, so leave me comment at the end of this post! But first...let me tell you about a really special lady in my life.

My mom is THE most special person in my life (Sorry, Braden...haha)! She is a caring, strong, confident, wise, genuine, loving lady. In my eyes, she could do no wrong. She is the best role model a girl could ask for. Her best quality to me is her all-consuming passion and love for Christ. She has a relationship with God most Christians could only dream of- she trusts Him in all circumstance, and prays over every decisions. She is my ultimate prayer warrior, and truly the only person who can make me feel better (even if she's just yelling at me...haha!) no matter what.

Moms are amazing, right?! If your mom is anything like mine, she does SO much for you. She has an answer to every question, and a solution for every problem. Moms are resourceful: they can get everyone up and out the door; work all day; and still have time to figure out something to put on the table for dinner. Moms are understanding: I know (especially in my early teen year) I was not the nicest, and have said and done things I wish I hadn't, but yet my mom loves me despite anything and everything I've ever done. Even if sometimes the rudeness was directed at her. Moms don't love you because of what you can give them- they love you because you're you. 

My mom isn't necessarily the joke cracking type, but when we laugh together it warms my heart. She really truly is my best friend. To quote Kelsea Ballerini in the song In Between "sometimes I'm my mother's daughter, sometimes I'm her friend". What a delicate relationship we have with our moms. whether you know it or not, like me one day you will consider your mom your friend. Maybe not your best friend, but most certainly a close friend. I mean she is the one person who has seen you in all seasons in your life (even before you were in the world!), and if your mom is like mine, she has been with you every step of the way. She changed your diapers as a baby; made you soup when you were sick; and put the bandaids on your microscopic injuries just because it made it feel better.

Moms are the actual gems of the earth, because they put up with all of us and they do it with patience and love. It is crazy to think about a mother's love. They love their children despite everything and would do anything for them. My mom isn't one of those "tells you they love you a hundred times a day"kind of moms. We maybe say "I love you" once a day. She also not a big touchy person-hugging my mom is reserved for special occasions only...haha...okay...not really, but we definitely don't hug as often as they maybe we should. But, that just how we are and even if were not the overtly and  outwardly affectionate family, you could never doubt that we love each other. You see in my family-especially with my mom-it isn't about your words, it's about your actions. That how we show love...it's by giving. And my mom is one heck of a good giver! I just love how every mom has there own special way of showing love, and how that in-turn is how you learn to show love.

Over all I want to say a big Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there, but especially to the lady that has made me who I am today. I love you, Mom, more than words could describe, and I thank God everyday that He choose me to be your daughter. You are the brightest light in my life, and the one who I model my walk with God after. You are so precious to me, and I am so beyond thankful for you. So, since I know I don't say it nearly enough thank you and I love you. And I am so proud that you're my mom. So, Happy Mother's Day to the most deserving people on the earth (I mean really y'all deserve at least a month), and thank you for all that you do.

Now to get to the gift guide! Here are my top 10 gifts that any mom is sure to love!

I got my mom and I these mother daughter necklaces! I think these are such a cute idea and something you both will cherish for a long time! They're also under $20! say whaaaaa?! I'll link them here for y'all!

This Mother daughter necklace set is perfect if your mom is like mine and has multiple daughters! You can all carry around pieces of each other! Just such a fun way to always remember each other! I'll link this necklace here!

Who's got a mom that likes wine? My mom isn't actually a drinker, but my sisters (who are moms) love their wine! So, this gift was more or less inspired by them! This cup is so stunning it'll be be her new favorite glass to enjoy a glass of wine after slaying the mom game haha! I'm linking it here!

Small signs are so underestimated, but such cute girt ideas! They're great because they can hang them in their room, put them on a night stand, or on an office desk! Every time they look at that sign they'll remember that you got it for them and I guarantee that would put a smile on their face! I'll link the signs here, here, and here!

Every girl needs a jewelry tray and moms are no exception, so why not get your mom a special one from you! Everyday when she getting her jewelry to wear it'll be a reminder of you. I loved the simplicity and classic feel of this one, and I'll link here for you!

Sweet dish towels are such great gifts for moms! Especially if your mom is one who likes to be in the kitchen! I thought this one had such a fun (and accurate) little message on it! I'll link it here for you guys! 

This one is by far my most favorite of all the gifts! I also think this one will mean the most to your mom. This book is different themed letters and you just write to your mom based on the theme they give you. For example, "My most favorite thing about you..." is one of the topics, and it gives you a whole page to write your letter. The book I got my mom came with 12 letters all with different themes and when you're finished, they're all in one place for her to read! I'll link the letter book here for you guys!

Last is this satin robe! It is the most expensive thing on my list, but well worth it! These robes feel AMAZING! As soon as she puts it on she'll feel like royalty. The beautiful floral design gives that added feminine touch. I also love that it comes in four colors so even if your mom isn't the pink kind of gal like my mom there is still a color for her! I linked this robe here for y'all!

I hope you guy loved this Mother's Day themed blog post, and thank you so much for letting me share a little bit about the most important woman in my life! I'm glad you guys got to know her a little bit better! I also hope this gift guide will help if you are still on the fence about what to get your mom! All these gift are great, but in all reality just a hug and card from you with some meaningful words will mean more to her than you know. So, until next time, stay beautiful, darlings!


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