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Mode Monday: Fenty Beauty Foundation Review

by - April 08, 2018

Happy Mode Monday Lovelies! A few weeks back I talked to y'all on my Instagram story about how I got a tester of the Fenty Beauty foundation, because I was wanting to try a better quality foundation that wasn't super expensive, and worked well for combination skin type. I was a little skeptical of it after trying it once because of how hard it was to apply (I felt like it was super dry for a liquid foundation), but once I went into Sephora, and told the consultant all about my concerns with Fenty and what I exactly I was looking/ what I was wanting from a foundation she assured me that Fenty Beauty was the right foundation for me! Not only for the price tag, but also because of its great quality and matte look which is what I wanted! She also told me exactly what to do to make the application process easier. After wearing this foundation for almost three weeks now I am in LOVE! It keeps my face oil free all day and I only shine where I want to, haha! All the photos in this blog of my face are taken after a full day of wearing the products with no touch ups of powder throughout the day, no editing of my skin whatsoever, and just a very minimal filter (VSCO filter F2 with a saturation of 4.5)

The matching Primer...that was the missing key to making the application of the foundation some much easier!  Not only does this stuff smell aaaamazing it really does help the application process go much more smooth! I feel like a little bit of the foundation goes a whole lot further when applying the primer first! It has a lotion like consistency so it goes on super easy and you can't even feel its there after it dries! Now I know some of you are thinking "Faith, I do not want to have to purchase a foundation AND a primer!" and let me tell you I was right there with you, but after using this product I can tell you a bottle of this stuff is going to last a long time, because a little pump goes a long way! The primer cost $32.00, but I'm serious y'all it is SO worth it! Rhianna knew here stuff when she made this product! You can find the primer here!

Now to talk about the main event! I am not lying when I tell y'all this. foundation. is. amazing. I have searched high and low and actual YEARS to find an affordable, long lasting, matte foundation. I was dead set I was never going to find one until one day a blogger I follow was talking about Fenty Beauty foundation on their story, and since I considered her a very credible source I decided I'd give it a whirl. I went to Sephora that next day and asked for a sample. That's when I made the Instagram story and was still leery. But, after finding that the primer alleviated all my concerns I could truly see the products magic. This foundation keeps a matte finish all day long, and only shines where my highlighter is applied (like it should be lol!).  I also have pretty sensitive skin when it comes to foundation. Give me one that is too thick and I mean I breakkkk outttt, but this one isn't thick at all! It doesn't look cakey in any way and it doesn't make me look like I am wearing a ton of makeup! At the same time though it is very much full coverage, and covers blemishes and uneven skin color wonderfully! The foundation cost $34.00 and I am linking it here!

So overall I give this product five stars! It is simply amazing, and worth every dime! So if you're in the market for a new matte foundation I would seriously consider giving this one a try!! I do not think you'll be disappointed I know I haven't! 
Like always I love hearing from you so leave me your thoughts in the comments! So until next darlings stay beautiful.


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