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Mode Monday: Spring Break Inspiration

by - March 05, 2018

Happy Monday lovelies! With spring break right around the corner I wanted to dedicate this Mode Monday to some spring break inspired looks. Taking these photos has me even more ready for a break! I'm ready to let loose and have a little fun! These outfits are perfect for wherever your destination may be! Even if your just staying local to where you live, they'll make you feel like you're on a beach getaway in Florida! Haha! I've centered every look around this white straw hat, because it just screams SPRING and VACATION all in one! On top of linking all my outfit on here I will also be linking the sunless tanning mousse I use, because everyone needs a tan going into spring break, and this stuff is the best! Read below to get the link! Like always, I love hearing from you, so please leave me some love in the comments!

As I stated above, this hat was what I tailored every outfit around! A white straw hat is definitely something I would recommend you have in your closet for spring, because I can already tell that I am going to be wearing this one on repeat! I felt so classy and it made me feel like I was on vacation, even though I was definitely still home and had to go to school the following day after these photos were taken! (Haha! sigh). I've linked this hat here! Love, love, love it!

As you could see in my intro photo this purse also doubles as a backpack! That's right...A BACKPACK! So obviously it was a must! Am I the only one who is excited about backpacks coming back into style?! I've always thought they were amazing! It's too perfect for your spring break getaway, and just perfect for spring in general (or life lol)! I got this from target from their new Universal Thread line and I just love the whole thing it's so cute! They have everything from purses to jeans! If you haven't checked it out,  I seriously recommend it! Its supper affordable too which of course is always a plus! I've linked the purse backpack here!

If you have to fly (or just travel in general) to get to your spring break destination I thought this outfit would be perfect for just that! It's simple, functional, and comfortable! This classic white V-neck is also apart of the Universal Threads line from Target and is such a staple piece. I paired it with my most favorite sweater of all time and my new denim shorts I will be wearing all spring and summer long (they are Levis and s'ersly so cute)! For the shoes I just picked my Birks, because they are so comfortable and they are a fabulous travel shoes! I've linked the tee here, the shorts here, Free People sweater here, and my Birkenstocks here!

Gimme all the spring feels in this pink denim dress! Perfect for your vacation home or away! I love dresses because they are such effortless and always cute! I would totally rock this look out to dinner, because it's perfect for your night out. I kept the jewelry to a minimum with this look just to give it that cleaner aesthetic look, but if you wanted to wear this dress out for the day I would recommend just adding a pair of cute brown sandals and some dainty gold jewelry! I've linked a similar dress here, and similar heels here

This super adorable off the shoulder top is another piece from the Universal Threads line (you can really see my that I have a Target addiction...Haha!). I am such a big fan of mustard yellow especially for spring. This look would be perfect for a day out shopping (because you know that's what I'll be doing on spring break...Hehe!). I've also talked to y'all about these heels before in my spring round up post, and let me tell you they are wonderful! I wear them ALL the time and I get so many compliments on them! They are also one of THE most comfortable pair of heels I've ever worn! These exact ones are from Nordstrom, but I found this dude pair from Target that look super similar and are less than half the price! I highly recommend the ones from Nordstrom, but they are definitely more of an investment. So, if you're looking for a more reasonable prices pair of espadrilles wedges then the ones I'm linking here are for you! Also these jeans are amazing and definitely a must for your spring wardrobe. I'm linking them here, my exact shoes here, and my top here!

Now when you vacay right, you go to brunch and this look just screams, "Brunch!" I love how effortless and cool this look is! You definitely look like you are on island time in this little number! Striped shirts are all the rage this spring, and I sadly couldn't find this exact one online :( but I did find similar ones here, and here for y'all! Also these are my go-to white pants, and they need to be in your life, because they are life! Lol! I've linked them here!

Then after all your fun in the sun it's time to come back to reality (whomp whomp), and this is just the look to do it! Similar to the arrival attire I just added a cute neon pink crop top, and I wore white low top converse with this look. I also didn't tell y'all this above, but I loved these shorts so much I got them in the dark wash too! Highly, highly recommend them! I'm linking my sunnies here, and crop top here!

I also wanted to tell you guys about my sunless tanner because I know the struggle of trying to find a good one! This Loving Tan tanning mousse doesn't leave you orange, and you can buy a application mitt which makes applying your tan 100x easier, and helps you get better results! I'm linking my tanning mousse here and the mitt here!

Thanks for reading lovelies! I hope y'all have the best most restful spring break, and have the most fun wherever you are! Always love hearing from you so be sure to let me know what you thoughts about this Mode Monday! Until next time stay beautiful darlings! 


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