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Mode Monday: Bloggers Who Inspire Me

by - March 12, 2018

Happy Monday, lovelies! I am SO beyond excited for what I'm sharing with you this Mode Monday! Trying to find inspiration, positivity, kindness, and encouragement online is SO hard. The online world (especially the fashion online world) can be pretty cold, so it is so crucial to surround yourself by positive lights and fill your feed with like-minded individuals who add to your life not take away from it. With all that being said, I thought I'd take a break from my normal post, and uplift and show y'all who I look up to on an online platform.  These girl are all true gems, and have inspired and uplifted me in so many ways! I think they are serious "girl bosses" and are great role models for anyone not only because of their impeccable style, but also there outstanding lives and how they are such lights in the world!
I hope y'all enjoy, and thanks so much for reading! I always love hearing from you, so don't be afraid to leave me a comment or shoot me an email! (:

First up is my main go-to girl for anything! Jessi is by far my most favorite blogger of all time because y'all she's the actual sweetest! Her love for Jesus, genuinely kind heart, and on the mark style is what makes her a big ol' winner in my book! Her feed is simply amazing and I personally follow her on every social media platform...SHE'S THAT GOOD! Too often on social media people just try to post the "perfect", but Jessi does an amazing job of showing the real, and raw portions of her life as well as the pretty. She is truly one of the most eloquent writers I have come across, and I so enjoy reading her IG post as well as her blog!

Also, her sense of style is AMAZING! I look to her for outfit inspiration probably 3-4 times a week! She posts the best outfits and always tries to keep her pricing of what she wears very reasonable! Her blog is also great, because she is always posting the most amazing content: whether that be where to get the best white denim to her single girls guide to singleness to her where-to Austin travel guide. She covers such a variety of content and it's always so interesting to read. I also mentioned above that one of the main reasons I love her so much is because of her love and passion for God! She and her accounts are such testimonies and ministries for Jesus! On her My Darling Diary account, she keeps it so real and relates the issues the 21st-century girl has and gives solution/encouragement by relating it back to the Bible and God's teachings. So, if your looking for someone who is positive, stylish, kind, and a Godly influence-then she is your girl! I'll be linking her various accounts below!
Pintrest: Jessi Afshin 

Next up is Sabrina! She is honestly one of the coolest bloggers I follow. Her style literally gives me all the hearts eyes! Her post are SO fun and she is just so real. Her IG stories are always so conversational and you can just really tell she values that you follow her! Her style has definitely got a western inspired look to it and I absolutely love it! She also has the best taste in home decor and I can only hope my home looks as cute as hers one day! lLol!

She is super outgoing and very friendly! Her photos are such a huge inspiration to me, and I watch her IG stories ever'day they never cease to make me smile and put a little bit of joy in my day! So, if you looking for a kind, outgoing, super stylish home and clothing inspiration-then she is your girl for sure! All her account are linked below!
Instagram: @gypsytan
YouTube: Gypsy Tan

Dede is THE sweetest, most happy, and bubbly individual I have ever come across on social media! She and her style are always so spot on and she shares the same love of always dressing up like I do! She is always so positive in all her encounters on her social platforms. She also has the best travels tip and traveling style ideas! If I'm headed anywhere I always check out her page to see what I need to pack!

 She really does have the most timeless and chic looks for any and all occasion-dressy or casual! Her positive energy honestly makes me in a better mood anytime I look at her stuff! So, if you've been looking for a positive, happy, and chic account to follow-then she's your girl! Her accounts are linked below!
Instagram: @dressupbuttercup

Dani!!! I don't know what it is about Texan bloggers, but as you can tell I'm a big fan em'! One thing I'd say sticks out the most for me about Dani-other than her impeccable style-is how funny she is! She can make even the toughest situations in her life light-hearted, and find the bright side no matter what! That is honestly one of the most inspiring things to me-people who can see the positive even when the situation is very negative. She is such a sweet individual, and her light just shines for all to see. She also has the best classic staples looks that anyone can rock! 

I also don't know if any of y'all are planning a wedding actually-let's be real-half of us have probably been planning our wedding since we were six! Lol! But she seriously has the best tip and inspiration for wedding planning prep, and even how to find the perfect dress! So, if you're looking genuine, purpose-driven, funny, and classic dressed gal-then she's is the one you've been looking for! Linking her accounts below! 
Instagram: @daniaustin
YouTube: daniaustin2

And last but certainly not least is Catlin! Where to even start with her?! She is just straight up #goals! Lol! This southern belle has the best style, and I refer back to her account almost daily. She has some of the best beauty tips as well, and makes every one of her posts seems like it is done with such purpose! She is so sweet, and I love her posts! I consider them such a highlight of my day! She is such a big blogging inspiration for me, and I can only pray my blog will be half as inspirational as hers!

 She has the best blog posts and covers a variety of topics (one of my personal favorites is her book review)! She is also getting married, and has the best inspiration for that as well! So if your looking for a kind, ultra stylish, and sweet southern belle to follow-she is it! Linking her accounts below! Instagram: @cmcoving

Thank you so much for reading and as you can see each one of these ladies are oh so amazing and inspiring in their own special way! I know for me personally they make being one of their followers so much fun, and make anytime I spend on social media just better (: 
So until next time, stay beautiful darlings!


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