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Mode Monday: My Makeup Roundup

by - February 26, 2018

Happy Monday lovelies! For this "Mode Monday" I wanted to share with you guys my favorite makeup products! I personally use all of these products every day (other than the eyeshade platelets lol), and love them all! I'm just as crazy about makeup as I am about clothes...okay maybe not quite as much haha, but I do love it! When I wear makeup it gives me that little extra boost of confidence and I love that! I am no pro by any means, and definitely, don't know all there is to know about makeup, but I have found all these products to work well for me and I am happy with my routine! Being happy and feeling confident with your routine is all that matters! I like to mix products. Some drugstore and some higher quality products. Because who doesn't like to save a little money if the can money!! All my higher quality makeup were definitely a good investment and worth their money! So here's my makeup roundup I hope you guys enjoy! 

Let start from the foundation up! Haha get it? lol okay sorry for the cheesy joke, but foundation is obviously the first thing I need to share with y'all! I love L'Oreal Paris true match foundation! I have combination skin type and my T-zone can get very oily. I have personally tried SO many drug store foundations (because I have no desire to spend $50+ every two months on this stuff lol), and after trial and error and trail and error I finally found this gem that does a great job of 1. lasting on my face (a.k.a not rubbing off super easy) and 2. keeping my skin relatively oil free! I also have super sensitive skin and a lot of foundations make me break out, but this one doesn't! Its light enough it doesn't make you look like you've caked it on, but also has enough coverage to covers these trouble spots and unevenness. I personally buy mine at Walmart, and I've linked it here for you!

Now for concealer! I know this says "Age Rewind" and your thinking "Faith you 19 you don't have any "age" you need to rewind", but guys this concealer is AMAZING! It covers my bags like a champ ever on my worst days! A tip I have for buy concealer is I always buy the lightest shade or second to the lightest shade for your skin color. I think it helps even everything up, and since I also use concealer for acne spot it also helps to have a light shade for that.  I usually draw little triangles under my eyes and then use the brush that's the next picture to blend it in! I love my oval brush for blending my concealer. Its done the best job I have found thus far on making sure my concealer looks flawless!  I also buy this concealer from Walmart, but I've also linked it here, and the oval brush here !

 Next up...bake! I "bake" my concealer to make sure it stays put all day, and this Maybelline Master Fix setting powder does an excellent job of doing just that! I just use a beauty blender like the one shown in the next photo and dab a little over my concealer and leave it sit for about 10-15 minutes. After I'm done "baking" lol I just dust off the excess with my powder brush that I'll be telling y'all about next! I buy this setting powder at Target, but I've also linked it here and the beauty blender here!

I love this. powder! It does a great job of helping me not to "shine" where I don't want to shine haha! It comes with a little sponge, but I prefer to use a powder brush just because I feel like it helps it not get too caky. This powder also stays on all day which is great! I buy this powder at Walmart, but I've linked it here, and the powder brush I use here!

Brozer and blush were always such a hard thing for me to find because I could never find the "right ones" until I got gifted this Lorac California Dreaming Bronzer and Blush set! Honestly, my most favorite part about this is the blush and bronzers are together so there isn't any need to have 2 or 3 separate things! And guys they are seriously the most perfect colors I LOVE them, and they look amazing on! I use the brush in the next photo to apply both my bronzer and blush (just clean it in-between each), and I find that it works great! This brush is a little on the expensive side, but I have found it to be well worth the money! I've linked this bronzer/blush palette here, and the bronzer brush here

Now time to talk about them peepers! Before I do anything with my eyeshadow I always put this Urban Decay eyeshadow primer on because it helps makes your eyeshadow last allllllllll day and allllllllll night! I use the color sin because I wear a lot of shimmery eyeshades and this primer has a little bit of light sparkle to it, and I think it helps make my eyeshadow pop even more. My eye makeup is definitely where I think its best to spend the little extra money to get the better quality things. I've linked this eyeshadow primer here for you guys!
Not only do I love urban decay eyeshadow primer, but I'm also in love with their eyeshadow pallets! Yes, I am like every other girl in the world and think the Naked pallets are not only best just in general, but also the best in quality! They are so worth the investment and last you such a good amount of time (I've gotten almost two years out of each of mine)! Naked 2 and Naked Heat are my top two personal favorites! Naked 2 has an amazing selection of neutrals and I use this one almost every day, and Naked Heat is great for summer with its red/orange hues! It gives you those sexy "sunset eye". I've linked the Naked 2 pallet here, and Naked Heat here!

Another great brand of eyeshadow pallets that I adore for their quality is Morphe! The awesome thing about Morphe is they are SO reasonably priced and last forever! The first pallet photo has 35 awesome colors and is only wait for it...$25! I love that pallet because it has the best brown and gold color options which are practically all I use! The other two pallets with 15 colors are only $15! I use the middle pallets for another "sunset eye" pallet because it has some great orange and gold hues, and this last pallet has the prettiest purples that are so great for a night out! I've linked them here, here, and here!

These are my favorite brushes for my eyeshadows, and I also love using the bigger one for applying my highlighter! I have found them to be such good quality and love that they come in a whole set and with a tin container! I use mine for when I travel! I've linked them here!

Highlighter is another thing I personally buy the higher quality in! I love this BECCA shimmer highlighter in Moonstone! Gives you the perfect amount of shimmer in the prettiest color! I buy mine from Ulta and I've linked it here!

I don't always use eyeliner...but when I do. Lol no but for real I don't wear eyeliner every day (mainly because I'm lazy haha), but when I do wear it these two are my go to's! I usually wear brown eyeliner for the bottom unless I'm wearing black or super dark eyeshadow because if you have hazel or brown eyes it actually makes your eyes look bigger, and I think it helps tie all my eyeshadow together since I wear neutrals a lot of the time! This Bareminerals brown eyeliner is by far my favorite one I have found! Then for my top, I usually use the NYX liquid eyeliner because it drys super fast which I like and lasts! You can find the NYX eyeliner at target but I've also linked it! I've linked the brown Bare minerals eyeliner here, and the NYX eyeliner here!

Mascara. Mascara. Mascara! Even on days I wear no other makeup I'm usually always wearing at least a little mascara because it is one of my most favorite things! I am super picky about my eyelashes and am a tough critic, but this Rollar Lash mascara from Benefit is THE most amazing mascara ever! It does not flake off like regular drugstore mascara, and the best part is it actually helps your eyelashes grow while you're wearing it! If your looking for a mascara that's 1. budget friendly 2. gives you length  AND volume and 3. is actually good for your eyelashes then look no further this is the mascara for you! I buy mine from Ulta and I've linked it here!

God blessed me with some BIG and THICK eyebrows that are thankfully now in style haha! So I use this puppy every day to tame the main that's attached to my face! I bought mine from Target and I've linked it here!

And now for the final thing, I use to set all that work lol! Maybelline setting spray! I have personally used both Urban Decay setting spray and this one and have found with my personal experience this Master Fix setting spray is the same if not better than the Urban Decay! Its half the price too which is a win-win! I always use setting spray because I feel like it helps my makeup last all day and I have to do less touch up if I'm going back out for the night. I buy mine at Target, and I've linked it here

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you enjoyed! I'd love to here from you so be sure to leave me a comment! Until next stay beautiful darlings! 


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