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New Year, New Blog!

by - January 06, 2018

Hi, lovelies! 
My name is Faith and I'm a 19 year old pre-nursing student from the beautiful Midwest!
 I love all things fashion, beauty, and fitness, 
but the things I love most in this world are my four beautiful cats: 
Cosmo (a.k.a my precious son), Meredith Gray (my little fuzz ball), Aspen (the diva/princess of the group), and last but certainly not least, Lux (the prettiest, blue eyed kitty you ever did see). 
So, now that we've established I'm a fashion obsessed, crazy, cat lady,
Here's the rest of the story:

I've always been interested in fashion (even during my middle school goth stage), and over the last year, I've been sharing my fashion inspiration on my Instagram account. 
But, as 2018 approached I knew I wanted to go even bigger with my passion, and starting this blog just seemed like the natural next step, and I am so excited that your here to take the leap with me!

Through this blog, I hope to introduce you to styles and brands that I love during every season, as well as, various beauty tips and tricks! Be sure to leave me some love in the comment section if you see something you like, and feel free to follow me on all my other social media platforms. 
You can find the links to your right! 

Now that I've introduced myself, I want to introduce you to one of my go-to outfits, 
especially during the cold, winter months ahead. 
I don't know if you've heard, but us Midwesterners are actually freezing to death right now! 
But, I'm over here staying cozy in looks just like this! 

These C.C. beanies are my actual FAVORITE! I have them in like four colors! 
They are so warm while still being so cute! 

I don't know about all of you, but I've been obsessing over emerald greens this season! 
So, when I found this vest I just had to have it! 
Sadly, this exact vest from Kohl's is sold out, but I did find this vest that's comparable! 
I think every wardrobe can benefit from breaking up the monotony with a pop of color 
and this vest does just that!

I searched high and low for a good pair of black skinnies with the single slit in the knee that fit, and are comfy (because-let's be real-who doesn't want practicality and comfort). 
So, in my midst of searching I found these American Eagle ones and I seriously loveeee them!

Lastly my beautiful Vince Camuto boots! I adore these boots, and I seriously wear them all the time! Definitely worth every penny! Because who doesn't need a pair of go to brown knee high boots?!

I can't wait to share more outfits with you in the coming future!
Here's to 2018! 
I think it's going to be a great one!

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